Energy Storage


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Worldwide energy generation systems are being pushed towards renewables, which don’t come for free: they vary according to weather conditions and require a form of energy storage.

Energy storage can be short- or long-term.  Short-term energy storage applications, today and at least in this decade, is (will be) based on Lithium.  Modular (we need it!) long-term energy storage applications will be based on hydrogen (and its derivatives), in compressed gaseous or liquid form.

Lithium reigns supreme in the short-term energy storage octagon.  Not found in its elemental form in nature due to its high reactivity, it can be mined from brines (accounting for nearly 70% of global Lithium resources), hard-rock deposits, and clays.


Mining however is just the tip of the iceberg.  A short overlook of Lithium the supply chain can be found here.

Alongside the “white gold rush”, another competition is rising to the forefront: the race for "greener Lithium production".

This page covers topics related to energy storage systems (ESS), mainly batteries (BESS), for EVs and stationary energy storage applications. You can expect here technical content placed in a simple yet relevant and straightforward aiming to de-risk your energy business.

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