Artigos Acadêmicos / Academic Articles

1 - Algorithms for Selecting and Interconnecting Switches to Automate Power Grids Considering Continuity Indexes and Reliability

Journal of Control, Automation and Electrical Systems (2019)

2 - Evolução da Rede Convencional para uma Condição Pré-Smart Grid: Implantação de Medição Inteligente na Celg-D

Revista P&D Aneel
(pg. 107-110) (

Smart Grid White Paper

3 - Developing Smart Grids Based on GPRS and ZigBee Technologies Using Queueing Modeling–Based Optimization Algorithm

ETRI Journal, Germany (2016)

4 - Genetic Programming Applied to Programmable Logic Controllers Programming

IEEE Latin America Transactions (2011)

5 - Improvements in FSM Evolutions from Partial Input/Output Sequences

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Krakow, Poland (2004)