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Entrevista na TV
Entrevista na TV

La Pregunta

"And the question is..."

Key questions about the Energy Transition:
  • Why the decline of component prices in 2022 do not immediately translate into lower renewable system CAPEX?​
  • What will be the effective cost & efficiency of electrolyzers in 2025/2030?  What about alternative biomass-based green hydrogen techs?
  • How can we make the grid (w/ sync baseload gen virtually eliminated) more flexible to cope with the net-zero transition?
  • What will be the new configuration of the global market for REN w/ IRA & REPowerEU incentive packages?  What about the reaction of the Dragon, Tigers & ASEANs?
  • Will Li-production meet batt demand?  What about beyond Li-ion techs?
  • Half of total final energy is consumed in the form of heat.  What is the best way to decarbonize this sector?
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