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Wind Additions

Wind power additions at a glance

Updates for Wind Power systems are [CM, 2023]:


  • World’s cumulative wind power installed capacity by 9 percent, to 906 GW.

  • The world added nearly 78 GW of wind power projects in 2022, marking the industry’s third-best year for new capacity, but representing a drop from the previous year’s installations, according to GWEC

  • Onshore projects accounted for the vast majority of new wind capacity last year, with 68.8 GW connected to power grids worldwide (and 8.8 GW in new offshore) , a drop of 5% from new. installations in 2021.

  • China accounted for nearly half of last year’s additions, while the U.S. saw a 32% drop in y-o-y capacity additions, due in part to supply-chain constraints and grid interconnection issues.  Figure 1 shows new onshore wind capacity added in 2022 by country.

  • China installed 5 GW of new offshore wind capacity in 2022 (21 GW in 2021), while the U.S. didn’t install any offshore turbines last year.  Figure 2 shows new installations outlook for onshore and offshore wind energy (2022-2027).

  • GWEC Market Intelligence forecasts that the 1 TW milestone will be reached sometime mid-2023.

  • Figure 3 shows the evolution of installed wind turbine sizes.

Figure 1: Wind power additions - 2022

top-10-countries-that-installed-onshore-wind-in-2022 v9 v3.png

Figure 2: New wind power installations outlook - 2022-2027

wind proj 2027 v3 v7.png

Figure 3: Evolution of installed wind turbine sizes

wind turb size v7.png
Fig 1 Wind Addit
FIg 2 Wind proj
Fig 3 wind size
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