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International Agencies

"Energy sector information agencies" 


International organizations have been created since the 70s when the world was faced with the oil crisis. Below are some of the most prominent agencies.


International Energy Agency - IEA


IEA is an autonomous intergovernmental organisation, established in 1974, that provides policy recommendations, analysis and data on the entire global energy sector.  The 31 member countries and 13 association countries of the IEA represent 75% of global energy demand.


It was set up under the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the aftermath of the 1973 oil crisis to respond to physical disruptions in global oil supplies, provide data and statistics about the global oil market and energy sector.


Headquartered in Paris, France, IEA works with governments & industry to shape a secure & sustainable energy future for all.  It works with a broad range of international organisations and forums to ensure secure, affordable, and sustainable energy systems.


International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA


IRENA is a lead global intergovernmental agency for energy transformation that serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, supports countries in their energy transitions, and provides state of the art data and analyses on technology, innovation, policy, finance, and investment.


Based on Abu Dhabi United (Arab Emirates), IRENA was founded in 2009 and formally established in 2011 as an intergovernmental organisation.  Today, agency's membership comprises 168 countries and the EU.

Organización Latinoamericana de Energía - OLADE

OLADE is an intergovernmental cooperation organization dedicated to fostering energy integration, development, and conservation in Latin America Caribbean (LAC).  It is a public intergovernmental cooperation, coordination, and technical advisory body, established in 1973 through the signing of the Lima Convention, ratified by 27 countries in LAC.


Headquartered in Ecuador, OLADE presents energy sector trends in regional aggregates which were grouped in Central America, Brazil, Caribbean, Southern Cone, Mexico, and Andean Zone, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole.

Other: BNEF, B&C, McKinsey, WoodMac, EY, S&P, Deloitte, RB, ADL, BCG, KPMG, PwC, Shell, BP, DNV, Wartsila

Reputable private firms & consulting companies have been regularly publishing outlooks on energy sector, helping their Members & Associates to build energy roadmaps.

Cooperation among agencies


International agencies have worked together (e.g., IEA & IRENA) on a number of activities over the years to take advantage of synergies & complementarities in the activities of the organizations, at a time when the global energy landscape is witnessing rapid changes driven by the imperative to ensure energy security and achieve universal access to energy, while limiting adverse climate & environmental impacts.

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