Energy Profile

Country energy profile at a glance

Coal is best suited for electricity, oil for transportation, natural gas (NG) for electricity & heating, biomass (Bio) for electricity & transportation, hydro, nuclear (Nucl), and renewables (Ren) (solar PV & wind) for electricity.  Table 1 shows the main energy sources for most countries in the world.


The energy self-sufficiency of a nation, which is given by dividing the total primary energy supply of the country by its total energy production, is an important indicator of the country's sovereignty both in times of peace & conflict.  Table 1 shows this and other indicators for most countries in the world.

 Table 1: Country energy profile

 * Columns 3 & 4 (Total Energy Production & Energy Self-Sufficiency) with 2019 data


  • Bio: Biomass; H2: Hydrogen; Hydro: Hydroelectric; NG: Natural Gas: Nucl: Nuclear; Ren: Renewables

  • WPR: World Population Review

  • IEA: International Energy Agency

  • CSIRO: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation